There are a lot of people, who want to access the router, but take the back step because they think that it is a tough task. Well, there is nothing to worry about accessing the router. Once you have logged in, you are able to make some changes and also check out the desired information. Now the burning question is how to login to router? Well, it is a cakewalk to login to the router. If you want to know about the way of logging in then go further in the article.

Role of username and password

In order to login to the router, you need to open the router’s page online. After this, enter username and password in the text boxes. If you haven’t set up the new password and username, then type the default names. Otherwise, always type the username and password, which is listed in the router’s sticker.

Always keep in mind that the usernames are case-sensitive. Apart from this, if you have forgotten the changed password then don’t need to get panic. It is easy to reset the password. After entering such information, you need to click on the log in.

Key facts related to the troubleshoot login issues

Sometimes, we can’t open the router’s page after the login process. If it happens to you, then there must be the troubleshoot issues. In order to deal with such situations, you just need to follow the below mentioned tips.

  • Clear the cookies and cache of the browser.
  • Try some different router’s address for accessing the route’s page.
  • Check out the connectivity to the router’s network.

These are the simple and easy solution for solving the troubleshoot problems. In case, these are unable to get success then it is advised to go to the expert people and get the perfect solution.

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