Why Australian Meta Data Laws Have Not Stopped Online Piracy

In 2015, the Australian government passed legislation. The laws would see that telecommunications companies keep tabs on user activity. This would allow government agencies to oversee national security. In turn, helping curb online piracy.

Although piracy is a serious crime, Australians continue to use file-sharing services. By using a Virtual Private Network, they can mask their identity. Consecutively getting away with the illegal downloading of copyrighted material.

Australian Meta Data LawsWith a Google search of “VPN Australia free,” you will be lead to hundreds of free private networks. These services will disguise your IP address and allow you to remain anonymous.

As of earlier this year, the new meta-data retention laws are in full effect, but will they put an end to online piracy?

What is Meta-Data?

Meta-data are facts, statistics or items of information based on a specific communication. It is information such as the time, date and duration of a call or the IP address of a user that visited a certain webpage. Meta-data does not record the actual website or content of the call, only individual stats.

Many people were in outrage when the government first announced the law. It enables providers to draw conclusions about a person’s life. This, in turn, infringes upon personal privacy.

The Meta Data Retention Law

Aimed at the nation’s interests, providers will keep meta-data on their clients for at least two years.

With meta-data laws now in effect, government agencies will be able to access the. Information. They will also be able to trace the IPs users who are downloading copyrighted material.

This, in turn, could mean fines or potential jail time for those who choose to disregard the law.

Why It Does Not Work

There is one major problem with the legislation. Some Australians are using a personal VPN service to mask or block out their IP address. With this service, users can block their activity from prying eyes.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service run by a VPN provider. It ensures that all data are travelling to and from your computer or phone encrypted and hidden.

VPN’s provide a few different features, for example:VPN features

• They hide your internet activity from your ISP and the government
• They grant the ability to bypass government restrictions
• They allow “geo-spoofing.” This lets you access services denied to you based on your geographic location
• They protect you from hackers when using public WIFI
• They allow you to Peer-to-peer download in safety

In the End

Australia’s meta-data laws are a total infringement of personal privacy. Citizens around the world need to be aware of what is going on. These laws will make our information vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves. They also impeach on the freedom of access to information.

It is now impossible to stop illegal downloading. With VPNs continuing to rule the internet, users can hide their identity and get away with piracy.

So, in today’s age of information and technology, is there any way to prevent online piracy?

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