Mac OS Versus Windows 10 – Which is better for beginners

Over the years this has been another argument, which was the best operating system? This argument still goes on, and it may never be answered. Each operating system can do certain tasks better than the other. From here it can come down to user preference.


The question when beginners are involved can be slightly easier to answer. Much of this is not just down to the operating system, and be it Windows 7, Windows 8 or the latest version of Windows 10. It is down to, what happens when something goes wrong?

Mac OSCompared to Windows computers, there are fewer users of a Mac OS. If you run into a problem, unlike when you have a problem with windows, family or friends may know the solution. With a Mac OS, it may mean you have to seek the help of a specialist.

On a daily basis usage wise, there is little difference. That is unless you love gaming. Games can be played on the Mac OS, but there are nowhere near as many as on Windows systems, and this is where Macs get left behind big time.


As with anything that is so popular, there are always many people who want to take advantage. This is one area where Windows fall short. Viruses and hacking attempts are rife on windows based systems. That is what you get for being the most famous in the world. So much for success.

Upgrading Windows

If you have a certified copy of a previous version of windows, Microsoft held a free upgrade offer for downloading Windows 10. Even if this offer has finished, they may introduce it again as they have a major update arriving in October. So fingers crossed.

windows 10If you wish to download it separately, you can find an ISO image directly from the Microsoft site, and from here you can download this file and burn it to a DVD rom and then follow the instructions once you reboot your computer or laptop.

Secondly, as with any updates on windows, all of these you can obtain from the Windows Update app, and on most occasions, this is set to automatic, and will notify you of any updates, including an upgrade update to Windows 10, just tell windows to accept, and it will take care of everything else.

Computer Performance

This is one area where many people spend countless hours trying to squeeze the last ounce of performance from their systems.

One of the easiest ways is to keep your recycle bin empty and defragging windows 10 to keep everything organized. Once you have Windows 10 installed, this application is turned on by default. It is one less thing for you to worry about knowing that all your files are being organized without any intervention from yourself.

Apart from the user preference. It is much safer to say that for beginners they might find Windows 10 to be a better option. There are hundreds and thousands of pages of information on the internet for how to do this and do that. From your first day on a new computer with windows 10, you are never far away from being able to find a solution.

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