The Best Dumb Phone of 2017

Many smartphone users may scoff at the idea of using a ‘Dumb Phone’ in this day and age, gone are the days of having an always-on connection. Finding a Dumb phone with Wi-Fi is all but impossible, as this goes against the grain of what they are all about, but for many, they serve their purpose, and they serve it well.

What is a Dumb Phone?

A dumb phone 2017 is a throwback to the mid to late 2000’s, gone are the touchscreens and the short battery life. Say hello to the all singing and dancing phone that can call and text. Maybe you do get a few extras, but not that many.

There are a few manufacturers who have taken the opportunity to offer phones that are made with another purpose in mind, this you will see shortly.

Best Dumb Phones

Samsung does it again, top of the list, but this time not for a smartphone that is Samsung a157crammed full of features. The Samsung a157 bucks all the trends and brings a thin form factor clamshell design. Even though there is no camera, so no chance of selfies with this phone, you do get five hours of talk time and close to 10 days of standby time. Surely this is more than enough to keep you connected when nationwide texting and calling is sufficient?


If you cannot do without checking your social media, the best dumbphone option LG Xpression 2might be the LG Xpression 2. Although not Wi-Fi, you can use AT&T’s mobile web service. The three-inch touchscreen the phone provides is just enough to keep up with your updates and does well with light fingertip controls. One advantage the LG has over the Samsung is the inclusion of a camera, yet it is a lowly 2mp resolution. It also offers just under four hours of talk time and up to a whopping 16 days of standby time between charges.


If you are the outdoor type of person and need something slightly more rugged, the convoy three from Samsung might just be the ticket. It is pure military spec and as sturdy as they come. It comes dust proof and water resistant and has a hands-free operation for messages or re-dialing. The downside to this phone is, it only works with Verizon’s CDMA network and is not available with any other carrier.


As you can see, if you have specific needs for requiring a dumb phone, or you want to get one for children or elderly members of the family. There are more than enough options available. You do not worry about what operating systems they run on Android or iOS is the first thing that went out of the window.

Android or iOSYou can see why many people call them dumbphones, yet there are the few who call them feature phones. For many though, they can be a lifesaver in the times when they wish to leave their feature-packed smartphone safe and sound at home and require something a little more disposable.