iPhone X – Is it worth the money?

Most of the critic’s results are in, yet these are not as important as the consumers. For these reviews to come flooding in, we have to wait until November for the iPhone X release date. At that moment in time, there might be a different light cast upon the top priced phone.

iPhone X

Price Tag

There are mixed feelings about the hefty price tag and not all of them favorable. There will be the ones who buy the phone regardless of the cost, and the others who will settle for the overshadowed iPhone 8. Is the iPhone X worth the money? Some say yes, and some say no.


What does the iPhone X bring new to the party?

Facial recognition, this they have included so they can finally get rid of the home button. Just by looking at the phone will unlock the phone. They tried this in the presentation, and to start with, that did not go too well. Moreover, what about when you want to take a photo, and the phone is locked?

iPhone X edge to edge OLED

All glass design and the screen is an edge to edge OLED. Extra insurance would be highly recommended, the last thing you want to do is drop a $1000 bucks phone on the floor.

Wireless charging is cool, but the iPhone 8 phones have that, one also has the same f1.8 camera as the iPhone X.

Alternative to the iPhone X

The Samsung Galaxy S8+. This comes with a nearly borderless OLED display which is larger than the iPhone X, and it happens to have a better resolution.

Both models of the S8 have facial recognition and iris authentication as well as fingerprint authentication. The Samsung also offers wireless charging and has full support for the standards put forward by the WPM (Wireless Power Consortium) and the PMA (Power Matters Alliance). Sadly the iPhone X only supports one of these.

There are a couple of other phones on the market which make a great android equivalent to the iPhone X, but it appears the Samsung stands above the iPhone at the moment. Only time will tell once consumers have their hands on the Apple to test it out and tried the operating system.


This is one area where the iPhone does excel at the moment. If you are concerned about security on your phone and you ask is it possible to get a virus on your iPhone. The answer is not really. There have only ever been a few viruses on the iPhone, and professionals created these.

There are worms (write once read many) out in the wild which is similar to a virus. These, at the moment only attack one particular iPhone. This is an iPhone that has been ‘Jailbroken.’ If you have a jailbroken phone, that is not the fault of your phone.

As you can see, there are new features on the iPhone X some of which are also on the iPhone 8 models. You can then look at the Samsung S8 and have all the same features plus more for less, and the Samsung is available now, so there is no need to wait until November.

Asking if the iPhone X is worth the money, that question can only be answered by the person who is standing in the store contemplating on buying one.